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5 Things to do in Central Park on your NYC Bike Tour

Getting a great place with enough things to do on your NYC visit for you and your family can be exhausting. But, that is if you have not tried the central park bike tours. With bike tours in central park, you can have up to two hours of non-stop fun for you and the entire family with plenty of things to do and sights to see. The world’s famous park has plenty to offer both first-time and frequent visitors and a variety of activities that you and your children can engage in. To better get a feel of what a bike tour around the central park has to offer, here is an assortment of five fascinating and captivating things that you could do.

1. Stop at the Pond and the Gapstow Bridge

Gapstow Bridge New Yor Central Park

The central park bike tours are all about creating memories. If you happen to be taking the southeast entrance to the park, you might want to start your bike tour with a stop at the pond. This is the southernmost body of water in the park, and it is home to some interesting facts. First, the lake is entirely man-made. Its water comes from the city water supply system. It also has the Gapstow Bridge which arches over the pond and provides for a great photo of the area. There might not be much to do here, but it is a perfect place for your incredible tour.

2. Visit the Metropolitan Museum

Metropolitan Museum of art Central Park New York City


“The Met” as it is better known is one of the largest Museums in the United States and the most visited in the world. So you can imagine what a visit this is going to be. It is home to over two million pieces of work and is located on the eastern edge of the central park along the Manhattan Museum Mile. You might want to save a couple of minutes on this one since there is a lot for you to see. From the oldest to more recent work, big and small pieces and everything that any lover of art and history would want to see is all safely stored in this museum.

Additionally, there are plenty of other things that you can opt to do around the museum. You children can play at the Pat Hoffman Friedman Playground, go for short hikes at The Ramble or hang out at the Shakespeare Garden. You have quite some options to consider.

3. Take a hike at the North Woods

North Woods Central Park New York

Some peace and serenity on your bike tour in central park would be a great break from all the action and commotion, and nothing does that better than the most secluded and peaceful area of Central Park – the North Woods.  Located in the Northwest corner of the park, this is one of the three woodlands that the park has to offer with a great oasis of wildlife and nature in the center of the busy city. In the North Woods, the most captivating part is the Ravine. It is filled fallen trees and snags that are left where they fall.

If you’re a birdwatcher or just a lover of hiking, this is going to be a bike tour stop over that you’re going to love. It is perfect for you and your adventurous kids and a great place to have some bonding time for you and your family.

4. Shop at the Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle view from Mandarin Hotel

Another great stop in the Central Park bike tours would be the Columbus Circle. Before you get into the different activities that you can be able to enjoy while on this stopover, here is an interesting fact. Did you know that the Columbus Circle is the point from which all official distances in New York are measured? In the Columbus Circle, you not only have a diverse number of shops that you can choose from but other famous establishments like Hell’s Kitchen even though this is not in central park. The Circle is a great stop over for lunch or any other meal shopping and also a good place for you to grab some memorabilia for the trip. It would be a good idea for you to save this stop to be your last, so you have enough time to go through all the shops in the area.

5. Picnic at the Sheep Meadow

Central Park Sheep Meadow New York Central park bike tours

After you long bike tour, you must be exhausted and looking for a place to catch a breather. The Sheep Meadow is a great spot, known as the place for large-scale demonstration gatherings. The lawns are a perfect place for you and other on the central park bike tours to catch a breath.

The site is a serene place where you can also picnic, relax, play with the family and have fun. The lush green lawn offers an ambiance of peace and calmness with some very refreshing thoughts. You can feel free to lie on the grass as you reminisce about the great bike tour in the central park you just had.

While these are just five of the things that you can do on your bike tour in central park New York, there are many more things that can be done. You can visit the Delacorte Theatre, stop by the Hackle Onassis Kennedy Reservoir or even visit the Tavern on the Green. You can rest assured that your day will be wholesome with a little bit of everything from adventure all the way to history and art.