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Places to check out on your Central Park Bike Tour

Your trip to New York is never complete without taking a bike tour. Central Park New York is one of premier landscaped public parks with plenty of features to die for. Taking a walk across the park is all good, but that would mean that you don’t get to see all of its breathtaking features, sculptures, and scenery that it has to offer. A bike is a great way to get around the central park. Even then, without a guide, you might miss out on the best parts and adventures that the park has to offer. But, if you’re feeling a little adventurous and would like to take that bike tour into the central park on your own, here are five places that you should not miss on that awesome central park bike tour.

The Garden of Shakespeare

The Garden of Shakespeare

Even though this four-acre piece of land might not have belonged to Shakespeare, it has plenty of features that are synonymous with the poems and plays that the world-renowned playwright had authored. These include flowers that had been mentioned in some of his most famous plays. The garden was designed and created in 1913 to resemble Bard’s native English countryside and to date holds a special place for lovers of literature and also for those that can never get enough of nature and its beauty.

The Belvedere Castle

The Belvedere Castle

Your next stop on your central park bike tour should be this miniature castle. There are two main reasons why you would want to make a stop here. The first is that the castle is one of the five visitor centers in central park and a perfect place for you to collect valuable information for the rest of your tour. Secondly, the castle is located at the highest point of the park. That means the best views for the remainder of the park for you and even the best view of the adjacent cityscape. If you don’t have all the time to make all the stopovers, you can use this landmark to give you a whim of how the rest of the park looks. Rest assured, you will be taken away by what you see.

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry fields Central Park New York City

This has to be one of the greatest pieces of memorabilia, and it is dedicated to the world famous peace activist, songwriter, and singer John Lennon. The strawberry fields sum up what John Lennon devoted his life and career to – Peace, inspiration, and hope. It is a great place to stop over especially if you’re with your family or even with your date. It is a serene part of the park with a meditative spot that creates the perfect environment to allow you attain inner peace even on your short stop over.

Within the fields, there are other parts that you might want to walk over to while on your bicycle ride. These include the Quiet Zone which is interesting, especially over the warmer months when the flowers around the area are blooming. This is an excellent spot to stop over especially for first-time visitors.

People at Bethesda Fountain Central Park New York

There is so much history and religion that this spot has to offer. It is located along the Bethesda terrace and is a perfect place for lovers of history, art, and first-time visitors. The fountain commemorates the Croton water system which was the first to bring fresh water to the city of New York back in 1842. Atop the fountain is the famed Angel of the Waters from the Gospel of John which describes an angel who blessed the pool of Bethesda giving it powers to heal.

The Angel also holds a lily in her left hand which is another important commemoration as the flower represents the purity of the water. You should know that before the Croton water system the city of New York had suffered a catastrophic cholera outbreak which why the Lily is a potent symbol representing the purity of the water the system brought. For the artistic minds, the statue is the only one that was commissioned for the park, and its creator Emma Stebbins is also the first woman to have received a public art commission in New York.

Alice in Wonderland

The Alice in Wonderland statue in central park New York

Here is another great stop over during your bike tour NYC. The Alice in Wonderland sculpture. It is perfect if you have your cartoon-loving kids with you and the rest of the family. Alice and her fellow cast got into the central park in 1959 in the form of a bronze statue that was commissioned by George Delacorte as a gift to the children of New York. Needless to mention, since then the statue has been a gift to every child no matter where they come from.

This might not be the best stop for you, but it is going to be one for the ages for your children. They are allowed to climb atop the sculpture explore the different hiding places and get to feel the different textures. Which is why this is best saved as the last stopover, so you don’t rush the fun.

There are plenty of things that you can do on your central park bike tour, but these five will top the chart. They will offer you a dedicated route instead of riding blindly across the park and losing out on its best and hidden treasures. Take the time to take in the history with each stop and appreciate what the statue or garden represents. Understanding the history behind each will be a huge advantage.