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Use anytime within 6 months

The Fish Never Stop Biting at the Meer: Use Your Central Park Bike Rental and Park Freebies

Many times, it is difficult for residents of large cities to escape the hectic demands of society. You can grab a Central Park bike rental if you’re looking for some exercise or an escape. Bike rides on a busy sidewalk seem patronizing and rather daunting to even consider it as a way to relax from city stress.


Tourists and visitors alike do not know the feeling and you can tell. They are usually the ones basking in the greatness of taxis, neon lights, and late nights. For locals and the calmer tourist, Central park actually allows fishing and they don’t just have carp swimming in the waters either. There is a lot of controversy about which area of the park is the best for fishing, but we all have preferences.


You can walk everywhere you need to fish in the park, but to really enjoy a visit to Central Park, bike rentals will get you there much faster. Some of you may wonder how one would operate a bicycle with a fishing pole, bait, etc… Well, it really isn’t hard to hook your rod and secure the line. Then you can pretty much rock your pole like a shoulder sash. Since the park is catch and release, you will not have to worry about toting a bucket on your Central Park bike rental. Let’s learn a bit more about fishing here, so we can maximize our Central Park bike rental.

You can get here with your Central park bike rental, but you can't fish here.

Where Not to Fish When Riding Your Central Park Bike Rental

Using your Central Park bike rental to navigate through the park from one fishing hole to the next, there are a few places you should avoid. First off, The Reservoir and Turtle Pond do not allow fishing and consequences can follow if this is disregarded. Other than that, everywhere else is fair game, but if you are not looking to compete against boaters, I’d recommend staying away from the Lake.

Catch and Release and roll away with your Central Park bike rental

Few Rules to Follow That’s Not About Your Central Park Bike Rental

  • In order to fish in the park, you will need a permit. You can find out how to get a fishing permit here.
  • The entire park is catch and release only, so do not make dinner plans with what’s on the other end of your line.
  • When removing fish from your hook, be sure to wet your hands first, so the fish are less likely to catch illnesses.
  • When possible, release fish in the water instead of letting them drop or flop.

Your Central Park Bike Rental can take you to the Dana Discovery Center for free bait.

Your Central Park Bike Rental Doesn’t Come With Free Bait But Your Visit Here Does

If you are really cool and a part of the ‘in-crowd’ then you will know that a quick visit to the Dana Discovery Center next to the Harlem Meer will get you free corn bait and a fishing pole if needed. Corn is the only bait permitted in the park to preserve the ecological system and biocommunities of the park.

With your Central Park bike rental you found the Harlem Meer.

Take Your Central Park Bike Rental To the Best Place to Fish: Harlem Meer

By far this is the most popular spot in the entire park. A massive 11-acre lake that houses over 50,000 fish at any one time. Use your Central Park bike rental to try out different spots. You can find Carp, Chain Pickerel, Golden Shiners, and Largemouth Bass here, so come ready!