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Explore Belvedere Castle in Central Park with Your Bike Rental

Visiting Central Park gives you dozens of activities to do and attractions to see in a vast green area conveniently located within New York City. Make the most of your time with a Central Park bike rental so you can ride to destinations like Belvedere Castle instead of walking. With the help of your bike, you will easily be able to fit this and many other attractions in the same day.

Some Background Before You Hop on Your Bike Rental in Central Park

Belvedere Castle is just one of five visitor centers that you should be sure to check out. Before you get your bike rental, Central Park’s history is worth a check, including a bit of background on Belvedere Castle. This miniature castle was created in 1869 and is known for its truly impressive views. It was co-created by Calvert Vaux with Jacob Wrey Mould, who wanted to give visitors a view of the former reservoir that is now the Great Lawn, as well as the Ramble.

The Best Views in the Park

After climbing the pathway up to Belvedere Castle, Central Park will be stretched out below you with views in every direction. As you approach on your bike, you will see Vista Rock approaching in the distance, sitting next to Turtle Pond and the Delcort Theatre.

You will want to pause to lock up your bike before climbing all the way to one of the balconies. Check out the Ramble in the south before heading to the other balcony to admire the views of the Great Lawn. It is no surprise the views are amazing; after all, this is the second-highest natural elevation within Central Park, and the turret is the highest of all points within it.

Your Central Park Bike Rental Lets You Take Advantage of the Henry Luce Nature Observatory

Once you lock up your Central Park bike rental, go inside Belvedere Castle to visit the Henry Luce Nature Observatory with its natural history artifacts. There are also telescopes and microscopes to give you a better idea of how naturalists examine the world.

Best of all, the Henry Luce Nature Observatory rents out Discovery Kits for free (with a valid ID and a deposit) that give you ID guides for flora and fauna, a hand lens, and binoculars, along with maps. This is when your Central Park bike rental truly comes in handy, since you can borrow these items, put them in your bag, and bike all around Central Park, examining the various wildlife. Without a bike, you would find yourself itching to explore distant areas you simply couldn’t reach before the rental period was up.

Contact us for more information on renting a bike to explore Belvedere Castle and everything else Central Park has to offer.