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Explore Wollman Rink in Central Park with Your Bike Rental

Central Park is home to an incredible range of attractions, some of which are available year round and others that are best enjoyed during a specific season. Visiting Wollman Rink to go ice skating is one of those winter traditions that New Yorkers and tourists alike enjoy. Lock up your Central Park bike rental right next to the rink to take advantage of this attraction.

Get to Know the History

While riding your Central Park bike rental to the Wollman Rink, take some time to contemplate the history of this famous landmark. Visitors to Central Park have been ice skating since it first opened. The lake was actually the first part of the park that was opened to the public, and skaters took advantage of it in the winter. Soon after, they spread to the 59th Street Pond, as well.

Wollman Rink finally opened in 1950 and has been an icon ever since. It was created with some help from a generous gift from Kate Wollman. Covering 33,000 square feet, it gives hundreds of visitors the chance to skate at the same time.

Admire This Movie Site from Your Bike

Even if you visit in the spring, summer, or fall, you can admire the beauty of Wollman Rink from your Central Park bike rental. This rink has been included as a backdrop for numerous NYC movies, including “Serendipity” and “Love Story.” While it looks more picturesque in the winter with snow softly falling on the surrounding trees, you will have an easier time biking around the rink to admire it when the winter hasn’t quite set in.

Refuel After Your Bike Ride

Wollman Rink isn’t only for those who are brave enough to get up on a set of skates and enjoy the ice. There is plenty of room for spectators, as well. Plus, the snack bar is perfect for refueling after a circuit with your Central Park bike rental. Get a bite to eat, or if you were biking on a cold winter day, lock up the bike, have a seat, and watch others ice skate while you sip hot cocoa.

The Best Time of Year

As a winter attraction, Wollman Rink isn’t open during the entire year. Instead, you can enjoy it from late in October to early in April. If you plan your visit for the extreme edges of its opening season, you will also be able to enjoy a nice bike ride around Central Park without having to worry about snow or ice. The rink opens up at 10 a.m., so consider riding your rental bike around Central Park early before taking a break to work some different muscles and go skating. Of course, Wollman Rink is still very attractive in the summer, when the Victorian Gardens take its place.