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Where to Eat in Central Park During Your Bike Tour

You are sure to work up quite the appetite during Central Park bike tours, even if they only last an hour. Luckily, there are concession carts with a range of treats and snacks throughout the park, so you can easily grab something during one of the pauses in the tour to enjoy the scenery. If you want something a bit more substantial during your bike tour, consider getting a bite at a slightly larger concession stand. These are also excellent options for after Central Park bike tours, as they all have exterior seating.

Ballfields Café

As you bike past the northern edge of Heckscher Ballfields, stop at the small brick café known as Ballfields Café. This small shop has burgers, sandwiches, salads, and other fare you would expect at a ballpark. There is a picturesque flowerbed around the building. If you are taking a slightly longer break, sit down and eat your snack while watching the carousel go round nearby.

Kerbs Boathouse

If your hunger strikes closer to Kerbs Boathouse or Conservatory Water, you are in luck. The building has light refreshments in its café, along with restrooms, making this a worthy stop during your tour. If you have the time, lock your bike up outside and enjoy the perennial planting beds and model yachts inside the building. If your bike tour is on a Saturday morning, you may even get to watch a race on the water.

Wollman Rink

Between October and April, Wollman Rink has a snack bar in addition to the famous skating rink. Stopping here during Central Park bike tours can give you access to hot chocolate and a range of food items, some of which are perfect for eating while biking.

Dining Before or After Central Park Bike Tours

If you want to have a full meal with sit-down service before your bike tour or after it to refuel, there are multiple options. Le Pain Quotidien is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has a seasonal menu with soup, salad, quiches, tartines, and dessert. You can also get the food to go and have a picnic somewhere else in the park.

Or get a bite at the Tavern on the Green, one of the most famous restaurants in Central Park. The building dates back to 1870 and once housed sheep who grazed on the Sheep Meadow, but it has been serving food since 1934. If your bike tour is in the summer and you are of age, visit the beer garden after you return your bike.

Find out more about Central Park bike tours and the options for snacks during them by contacting us.