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Must-See Attractions When You Use a Bike Rental in Central Park

Using a bike rental, Central Park can be explored in hours instead of days. After all, you will be able to travel the distances between various attractions much more quickly on a bike than you would by foot. Since you will have time to see more with your Central Park bike rental, you need to know which attractions can’t be missed.

Alice in Wonderland Statue

Take your Central Park bike rental to the amazing Alice in Wonderland statue. George Delacorte commissioned it and dedicated it to all the children of New York City. Since it was erected in 1959, it has been a popular spot for kids and adults alike. It’ll only take a few minutes to appreciate, so be sure to stop by.

Belvedere Castle

Ride your bike to Belvedere Castle and then climb up it to get truly amazing views of all Central Park has to offer. You will get to see the Great Lawn, the Turtle Pond, and the Ramble from this castle, since it was built on a high point in the park. The castle even rents out discovery kits for free, complete with maps, bird-watching guides, and binoculars.

Central Park Zoo

You may think that a zoo isn’t worth visiting since they are all pretty similar. However, you would be missing out. The Central Park Zoo is definitely a must-see with some help from your Central Park bike rental. The zoo has an amazing selection of animals and you can watch the penguins or sea lions being fed. If you have children, take them to the Tisch Children’s Zoo to meet the goats and pot-bellied pigs.

Conservatory Garden

While you shouldn’t necessarily bike through Conservatory Garden, you should take your rental bike there and lock it up just outside. Then, you can stroll through the English-, French-, and Italian-style gardens, admiring the flowers, hedges, fountains, and walkways.

The Loch

If you want to feel as if you are in a remote area, not the middle of New York City, take your bike to the Loch, which is Scottish for lake. It’s part of the ravine and gets its water from the watercourse that used to be known as Montayne’s Rivulet. The water flows underneath the Huddlestone and Glen Span arches and then connects to the Meer. There are also gorgeous cascades in three places, the work of engineering and art.

Wollman Rink

In the winter, taking your Central Park bike rental to Wollman Rink lets you lock it up and go ice skating on one of the most famous ice rinks in the world. In the warmer months, visit the Victorian Gardens with some help from your bike. While there, eat fair food, go on cart rides, and watch performances by jugglers and magicians.

With some help from a bike rental, Central Park visitors can see all these attractions and more in day.