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5 Delicious Picnic Snacks to Pack for Your Central Park Bike Tours

Have a picnic with your bike rental

Central Park bike tours are a great deal of fun and teach you lots about this park and its attraction. Because you will be biking around 7 miles over the course of two hours, however, you should probably bring along a small snack and some water so you don’t get tired. If you aren’t sure what to pack, consider one of these delicious picnic snacks. Then enjoy them during a designated stop or before or after your tour.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is always a delicious snack, including during Central Park bike tours. Fruit is healthy, and the water content makes it feel incredibly refreshing during a bike ride. Opt for a banana since it already comes packaged in a disposable peel, or wash an apple to bring along since it won’t bruise.

A Small Sandwich or Wrap

You probably won’t need a full sandwich during your Central Park bike tours, but a partial sandwich or smaller wrap can work very well. Make it as simple as you want, such as peanut butter and jelly. Why not make a single sandwich and share it with whomever you are going on the tour with? This should be the perfect size to keep you going.

Trail Mix

Another delicious choice for your snack that will keep your energy up is trail mix. Nuts and raisins are great for you, and you can throw in a bit of chocolate for some fun. Either buy a premade trail mix or make your own. This is an ideal option because you can either munch on it at your tour’s designated stops or grab a handful while you are riding if you plan your container carefully and place it in your bike basket.

Granola Bars

They may not be the most exciting of snacks, but granola bars are incredibly portable, making them a great addition to your Central Park bike tours. They are also very easy to eat while riding your bike, if you can bike one handed without an issue. To make this an even better choice, it is incredibly easy to find granola bars in stores around NYC. Even if you are a tourist, you will be able to find one in a flavor you like.


Got a sweet tooth? Then consider bringing some cookies along for your bike tour. You can make them yourself or buy them from any of the local stores or bakeries. Cookies are a good choice because they are highly portable. You can even make healthy oatmeal cookies if you want! Just try to eat an actual meal before or after your ride if you are relying on cookies for your snack.

No matter the snack you choose to bring on Central Park bike tours, you will be in for a fun time. Always bring some water, as well, so you stay hydrated.