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4 Reasons to Visit the Conservatory Garden on Your Central Park Bike Tour

Bike the Conservatory Garden in central park!

While you won’t necessarily get to plan the route you take on Central Park bike tours, you can decide what to do before and after. A trip to the park’s Conservatory Garden is a must. This gorgeous attraction is just one of the elements maintained by the Central Park Conservancy that is responsible for preserving the park.

1. Multiple Gardens in One

The Conservatory Garden spans 6 acres, giving you plenty to explore before or after your Central Park bike tours. Not only is this the only formal garden within the park, it is also set up to be multiple gardens within one. The 6 acres are separated into three smaller gardens, each of which has its own style. You can stroll through an Italian garden, a French one, and an Italian one.

Some highlights include the 12-foot-tall jet fountain in the Italian garden, the Three Dancing Maidens fountain in the French garden, and the Frances Hodgson Burnett Memorial Fount in the English garden. This is a fitting tribute to the author of the popular “The Secret Garden.”

2. Experience History

This NYC attraction is also one of the historic sites you may see during your Central Park bike tours, as it was finished and opened up to the public in 1937. The iron gate that greets you by the main entrance is even older. It was constructed in Paris in 1894. Before being part of the garden, it was on the Vanderbilt mansion along 58th Street and Fifth Avenue.

3. Relaxation within the City

While the Conservatory Garden is within New York City, it is a relaxing place and one of a few designated Quiet Zones. As such, it allows for the chance to relax while in this bustling city. Because it is a Quiet Zone, you won’t hear loud noises within the park. There also isn’t any running, biking, or playing sports. Just remember to lock up your bike before entering the garden to comply with these rules, and you will be in for a relaxing treat.

4. Easy to Access

As a bonus, it is also incredibly easy to get into the Conservatory Garden no matter where you end up on your Central Park bike tours. Most visitors choose to enter through the Vanderbilt Gate by 105th Street and Fifth Avenue.

When you are ready to plan your Central Park bike tours, our team can assist you. We also can give you other recommendations of nearby activities in the park to enjoy following the tour.