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6 Statues You Must See on Your Central Park Bike Tour

Central park statues

There are many ways to plan a Central Park bike tour. You can decide on a destination to spend the day at, or pack a lunch and take in a few of the notable sights located around the park. Consider some of the sculptures you must see while visiting this famous area of the Big Apple.


One of the favorites among children, Balto is a statue depicting a loveable dog. The story behind this canine sculpture is nothing but heroic. This statue was made and dedicated to the dogs making up several teams who raced through snowstorms in 1925 to bring medicine to Nome, Alaska, stopping a diphtheria epidemic. You can find this bronze statue just outside of Tisch Children’s Zoo. The monument has a small plaque that bears an inscription detailing the story of this lifesaving race.

Eagles of Prey

Take in a bit of history and visit the oldest sculpture of any New York City park. This bronze piece was created by Christophe Fratin and cast in 1850, in Paris, France. The piece was brought to the park in 1863. It depicts a goat trapped between two rocks and about to be eaten by two eagles. Their wings are flapping high, as their talons dig into the goat’s back. It is a very realistic piece that adds some adventure to your Central Park bike tour.

Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Perhaps one of the more famous statues, Lewis Carroll’s Alice is a “must-see” while enjoying your Central Park bike tour. This delight portrays Alice atop the giant mushroom, reaching toward the White Rabbit’s pocket watch. You can spot the Cheshire cat peeking from behind her, the dormouse at one side, and the Mad Hatter at the other. This sculpture was ordered by George T. Delacorte Jr., a well-known publisher at the time.

Alexander Hamilton

Make your Central Park bike tour provide a bit of history by viewing a sculpture of one of America’s presidents. West of East Drive, you will find a standing depiction of Alexander Hamilton, right behind the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. Carl Conrads sculpted the piece, which Alexander Hamilton’s son, John, donated to the park.

107th Infantry Memorial

This memorial is for the men who served during the first World War in the 107th New York Infantry Regiment. For a particularly powerful Central Park bike tour, stop by this statue. This infantry saw heavy action while in France, leaving 580 dead and 1,487 of the 3,700 men wounded. Four of the remaining soldiers then received a Medal of Honor. The memorial depicts seven veterans from the 107th, who modeled for sculptor Karl Illava.

Hans Christian Anderson

Known for many children’s tales, with “The Ugly Duckling” perhaps being his most notable, Hans Christian Anderson sits on a bench waiting for you to visit with him. He rests while reading a book to a passing duck. Be sure to take the time on your Central Park bike tour to stop and get a picture next to him; you won’t regret it.