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What to Do With Your Kids on a Central Park Bike Tour

Where to take your kids in central park

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the possible activities to enjoy while on a Central Park bike tour. If you are taking the entire family, try focusing on the best activities for everyone to enjoy. Here are a few suggestions that the kids will love.

Go to the Central Park Zoo

Everybody loves a trip to the zoo, which explains why the Central Park Zoo gets more than a million visitors a year. The 130-species spread over 6.5 acres makes for plenty of entertainment, education, and fun. A highlight you won’t want to miss is the Allison Maher Stern snow leopard exhibit. Make a game out of spotting the well camouflaged animals in this magnificent habitat. Other highlights include the penguin exhibit, the frogs, the interactive ant farm and the children’s petting zoo.

Friedsam Memorial Carousel

What child doesn’t love an amazing carousel? If you follow the Playmates Arch along Central Park’s Children’s Zone, you can hear the organ music from the carousel. This landmark feature has 57 steeds that are almost life-size. The merry-go-round first appeared in 1871, when a mule and horse kept it moving. Later, steam power replaced them, but then the carousel burned down. Then, in 1950, the Parks Department replaced it with one from Coney Island. Your children are sure to love a stop at the carousel on your Central Park bike tour.

Heckscher Playground

One of the largest and oldest playgrounds in Central Park, Heckscher Playground is connected to Umpire Rock. The area is full of adventure, with a small cliff, bridge, and pyramid for your children to enjoy. There are colorful humps dispersed throughout the area to help divide off spots for smaller children, such as the climbing net and sandbox, as well as the tot water play area.

Ancient Playground

The Egyptian inspired adventure playground that sits just north of the Metropolitan Museum of Art will stimulate your children’s imagination. This playground reopened in 2009 with a network of tunnels, pyramids, wooden forts, and treehouses. Children will also enjoy the water features that are user-activated, the mini obelisk and sandbox, and so much more. Don’t forget sunscreen and sunhats for your Central Park bike tour if you make this stop, as there isn’t much shade.

Belvedere Castle

This miniature castle invites you to climb the staircase all the way to the top. The castle provides views of the Ramble, Turtle Pond, the Great Lawn and more. Kids will love the telescopes and microscopes in the Henry Luce Nature Observatory. You can also enjoy one of the free field packs with binoculars, paper, a map, and a field guide for exploring the woods nearby. This castle is one of the best places to take your family on your Central Park bike tour.