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4 Top Nature Spots to Take Your Bike Rental in Central Park to Visit

Bike the Conservatory Garden in central park!

Tourists heading to the Big Apple don’t often consider the spots they can get in touch with nature while on their trip. It’s true the big city doesn’t have much natural left to it. So, you will have to make it part of the plan. A bike rental in Central Park can provide you the best means to get in touch with nature while visiting the City That Never Sleeps.

Hallett Nature Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a break and a nature hike, Hallett Nature Sanctuary is the place to be. Covering 4 acres, it is easily one of the most peaceful places to bring your bike rental in Central Park. One of the three woodlands in the park, this area was closed in 1934 to be a preserve and sanctuary for birds. The area remained untouched until 2001. Restoration efforts removed invasive plants and replaced them with native plants to help support wildlife.

Belvedere Castle

Sitting on the second-highest elevation in the park — Vista Rock — Belvedere Castle provides some of the best views of the park from nearly every direction. Originally created in 1865 as a “Folly,” or fantasy building, Belvedere Castle provides a hub for viewing the Great Lawn, Turtle Pond, and more. Children can enjoy any of the numerous nature exhibits, learn about bird watching, and even borrow binoculars here. A bike rental in Central Park wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the castle.

Conservatory Water & Garden

Regardless of whether you want to use a model sailboat in the water, Conservatory Water is one of the most beautiful destinations in the park. You may remember its appearance in “Stuart Little” during the notable sailboat race. You will also notice two of the park’s most popular statues here: Hans Christian Anderson and Alice in Wonderland.

While here, you want to be sure to take your bike rental in Central Park over to the Garden, as well. Step into this secluded oasis and enjoy fragrant plants that offer a fresh respite from the clatter of New York. The Garden covers 6 acres from 5th Avenue to 105th Street. You can pass Vanderbilt Gate, which was the original entrance to the Vanderbilt Mansion (present day Bergdorf Goodman store). There are three distinct parts of the garden. They are named after the style they represent: south or English Garden, central or Italian Garden, and north or French Garden. Come enjoy the heirloom roses and the many different indigenous flowers and ornamental hedges.

Bow Bridge

One of the most filmed and photographed locations of the park, Bow Bridge stretches more than 60 feet from Ramble to Cherry Hill. It is one of the most breathtaking cast iron bridges in the world and provides some of the best views of the park surrounding it. If you are enjoying a bike rental in Central Park, make sure to get photographs of the surrounding nature and your family on this iconic bridge.