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Why Visit the Loeb Boathouse While Enjoying Your Central Park Bike Rental

Visit the Loeb Boathouse on your central park bike rental

Just a short trip into Central Park, and you can find one of its most cherished gems: the Loeb Boathouse. This haven for nature lovers and romantics alike offers tranquility amid the bustle that defines Manhattan. A tour with a Central Park bike rental wouldn’t be complete without a visit here for any of the following reasons.

The Rich History

One reason to visit the Loeb Boathouse with your Central Park bike tour is the history. Since the 1860s, people have enjoyed boating on the lake, so naturally, a boathouse sprung up. There were two boathouses before the Loebs donated more than $300,000 to help create today’s boathouse, which officially opened in 1954. It has since evolved into a notable restaurant and landmark, renting rowboats for over 150 years.

Lakeside Restaurant

Pay a visit to the only venue in Manhattan sitting right on the lake. You can host your Bar Mitzvah, wedding, or corporate event here in style. You can rent a rowboat, an age-old tradition, and tour the natural surroundings in a serene way. Or you can relax and let a gondolier escort you around in an authentic gondola. The restaurant is also noted for being a haven for bird watchers, complete with an official bird registry. There have also been more than 25 different species of butterflies identified in the area.

Sit down and enjoy one of the many carefully prepared meals the restaurant has become known for. The various brunch, lunch, and dinner menus offer gourmet items, such as passion fruit salmon ceviche, hand-cut beef tartare, and the popular grilled filet of beef. When the weather permits, you can enjoy your meal lakeside.

Express Café

You don’t have to come inside to grab a quick bite on your Central Park bike rental. While in route to another attraction, you can quickly stop at the Express Café and grab one of the many quick and reasonably priced items on the menu. Take in some of the lake’s scenery and choose from breakfast foods, such as bagels, yogurts, pancakes, and eggs, and from an even wider variety with the burger and salad menus.

Taking a Boat Out

One of the best ways to round out your Central Park bike rental experience is to explore the lake using a boat rental. For 150 years, rowboats have been available to rent. Stop in from 10 a.m. until sunset and take a rowboat out for just $15 an hour. Be aware — it is cash only. For an additional fee, you can stay out longer. Life jackets are provided, and there is room for as many as four people. Any children younger than 12 will have to have an adult with them. You also can step your trip up a notch and take a classic Venetian gondola tour with an accompanying gondolier instead.