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5 Must-See Attractions for Your 1st Central Park Bike Tour

Stop by the Metropolitan Museum of Art on your bike rental!

A trip to the Big Apple just wouldn’t be the same without taking a Central Park bike tour. When you head to the world-famous park, keep in mind there are some attractions you must see.

The Metropolitan Museum

Known worldwide as the Met, this museum is one of the most prestigious, in a class with the Vatican, British Museum, and Louvre. The Met pulls in 5 million visitors every year looking to rest in the Egyptian Temple of Dendur, breathe in rarefied air, glimpse Old Masters, and view Tiffany glass. You can spend an entire day easily checking out musical instruments, Roman statues, ancient artifacts, and modern artworks. Truly, the Met is an amazing place to enjoy American art. You won’t want to miss the period rooms, which feature paintings from Sargent and Whistler.

Central Park Zoo

New York’s Central Park Zoo is the perfect spot to visit on your bike tour. If you’ve been before the 1980s, you may want to go back. The Wildlife Conservation Society has taken over management, making many advancements. While here, don’t forget to check out the sea lion pool, a longtime visitor favorite. There are three feeding times where you can see these amazing carnivores dance through the water for their treats. You will also want to see the penguins nearby, also a popular attraction.

Wollman Rink

The rink was opened in 1949 with funds donated from Kate Wollman, a socialite whose family became wealthy from operating the W.J. Wollman & Co. stock exchange. Traditionally, the rink is open from October through April. In the summer, it is transformed for seasonal venues. It is located in the southeast corner of Central Park. In the 1980s, the city worked on renovating it with Donald Trump finishing the renovations, and then it reopened in 1986.

Conservatory Garden

The formal garden you can see during Central Park bike tours is the Conservatory Garden. It covers 6 acres, divided into three smaller, diverse gardens. These offer distinct English, French, and Italian styles, respectively. Don’t forget to get a picture at Vanderbilt Gate, part of the main entrance, and to take your time exploring each of the unique paths and gardens on your Central Park bike tour.

A Statue Tour

While it is not officially one attraction, your Central Park bike tour wouldn’t be complete without seeing at least a few of the 29 different sculptures spread across the 843-acre park. Some of them were raised in 1863, so there is a lot of history to enjoy. This discounts Cleopatra’s Needle, which was made in 1450 BC and was erected behind the Metropolitan Museum. Other favorites are Alice in Wonderland, Hans Christian Anderson, Balto, and Simon Bolivar.