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Most Photographic Spots to Go during Your Bike Rental in Central Park

Ride past the Central Park pond on your bike rental!

One of the best ways to enjoy a bike rental in Central Park is to take in the beautiful nature right in the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities. While in the park, you will want to capture some memories in pictures. Here are some fantastic places to take a great shot.

Shakespeare Garden

You will find this attractive garden on the Park’s West Side. Here the landscape is filled with flowers and plants that are referenced in the world-famous poet’s plays and sonnets. The garden is known for a seamless transformation through the seasons, all of which offer perfect photographic backdrops while taking a break from your bike rental in Central Park.

Conservatory Garden

For some quiet time, take a walk in any of the three distinct gardens. It is a quiet retreat that you will have to park your bike to enjoy. It is a living artwork that offers unique beauty through the seasonal changes. Bring your camera, because there are numerous opportunities to snap a fantastic picture.

The Pond

Just off Fifth Avenue and 59th, you can find seven bodies of water that are naturally occurring. They are referred to as The Pond. You will find an abundance of wildlife, secluded benches, and iconic statues here. At the north end of the pond is Gapstow Bridge, the perfect place for taking your photo while enjoying a break from your bike rental in Central Park.

Central Park Reservoir

This area offers some of the best waterfront in the city, nestled right between 86th and 96th streets. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir is actually the official name. There is a well-known running track that covers just over one and a half miles around the reservoir.

Bow Bridge

One of the most filmed and photographed locations to visit on your bike rental in Central Park, Bow Bridge is magnificent. The cast iron bridge was completed in 1862, offering subtle décor and graceful curves to the waterfront. It provides a powerful transition between the natural wild of the Ramble and the very detailed Cherry Hill.

The Carousel

Why not take a picture on one of the most memorable and popular attractions in the park? The historic Carousel offers the perfect backdrop for you and your family to capture some memories. The original was powered by a horse and blind mule and opened here in 1871. Take your bike rental in Central Park over to get a glimpse of this iconic attraction, and then have a ride.

Belvedere Castle

The castle high atop Vista Rock offers the best view in the park in nearly every direction, providing many opportunities for a fantastic picture. The castle was designed to simply be a magical monument, combining romance, form, and function. It provides all of these quite well, offering the perfect backdrop to capture a memory.