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Tips for Learning Some History While Enjoying Central Park Bike Tours

Visit the Plaza hotel on your central park bike rental!One excellent way to get around in Central Park is astride a bicycle. You may bring your own bike or rent one at the park. You may ride alone or go with a group on a guided tour. By choosing Central Park bike tours, you will enjoy a narrated excursion. Your professional tour guide will describe the points of interest as you cycle through the park, as well as relate the history of the park and its many interesting features.

Historical Attractions

Historical information and attractions range from the ancient history of Cleopatra’s Needle to modern history, such as Strawberry Fields, the John Lennon memorial. You’ll hear about movies that were filmed in Central Park and see the celebrity homes that border the park.

Do Some Research

To make the most of your Central Park bike tour, it is helpful to do some research about the park and what you can expect to see. Reading up on the various points of interest will make them more meaningful when you are seeing each one in person.

This activity can be fun for children to do in preparation for your outing to Central Park. You may make notes in a pocket-sized notepad regarding each point of interest, and then add to it as you actually stop and see each place. Making notes in this manner will be very helpful later on as you go through all the photos you take in the park. Your notes will help you to remember and identify each place that you saw on your tour. If you have children along, encourage them to take pictures, too, and make notes about what they see.

Get Some Pics

And speaking of taking photos, take plenty! It’s a good idea to also photograph any informative plaques that accompany the places of interest you encounter. Then, after you’re back home again and going through your photos, you’ll be able to refresh your memory as to just why that tree was special or whom that memorial commemorates. Taking photos of the plaques is a lot faster than trying to write down all the information contained on them. This won’t take the place of your notes but will augment them.

Riding close to the tour guide will ensure that you will be able to hear well on your Central Park bike tours and not miss anything the guide is saying. This is especially important if you have some hearing loss. If there is descriptive literature available, carrying a copy with you and following along as the narrator speaks may also be helpful.

With the above tips, history will come alive for you as you enjoy Central Park bike tours.