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Top 4 Picnic Places to Enjoy on Central Park Bike Tours

Plan a picnic during your central park bike rental!
There is little doubt that the Big Apple is filled with many top-notch restaurants for you to enjoy the best meals that have been prepared by famous chefs from all over the world. But what if you prefer a quiet afternoon, out in the fresh air with a picnic basket full of your hand-selected favorites? For those out enjoying Central Park bike tours and a nature-filled day, there are many spots you can stop to enjoy a meal. The following offers some of the best places to have a picnic.

The Great Lawn

Perhaps one of the most famous spots on your Central Park bike tours to enjoy a picnic is on the Great Lawn. Found in the center of the park, what once started as a reservoir has become one of the best spots for people to gather in the Big Apple. You’ll find the area located between 79th and 85th streets and mid-park.

The Great Hill

One of the best places for a picturesque picnic, the Great Hill is on the north end of the park. You’ll find the area heavily wooded and a delightful backdrop for a quiet afternoon. If you’re looking for a picnic table to enjoy a meal, it is the only part of Central Park bike tours you’ll find one. There is also a public restroom available. You’ll find it nestled between 103rd and 107th streets.

Sheep Meadow

Home to a flock of sheep until 1934, this 15-acre pasture is the perfect spot to lay out a blanket and enjoy a snack on your Central Park bike tours. You’ll find the area between 66th and 69th streets. It is a designated quiet zone, so music is only allowed on headphones and you need to leave the pooch at home. Park officials also request you don’t feed the birds or wildlife, so please dispose of your crumbs carefully. Forgot your picnic basket? No worries; just grab a quick bite from Le Pain Quotidien in the Mineral Springs Pavilion.

Bow Bridge

Certainly one of the most recognizable areas on Central Park bike tours, Bow Bridge is an excellent spot to pull over and enjoy a delicious meal from a basket. You’ve likely seen the bridge in movies like “You’ve Got Mail,” and it is one of the most romantic spots in the park. The bridge connects the Ramble, or Woodlands, to Cherry Hill, where all the flowers are.