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Where Can You Get Ice Cream on a Bike Rental in Central Park

Grab some Ice cream on your central park bike rental!
The Big Apple offers a huge selection of restaurants, diners, delis, and ice cream shops for you to try. When you are enjoying a bike rental in Central Park, you can easily get a sweet craving for a creamy frozen cone. To get an idea of the best spots to satisfy your sweet tooth while visiting, read further.

Emack & Bolio

Though not in the park itself, Emack & Bolio provides something to satisfy your sweet tooth and is close by. Take your bike rental in Central Park for a tour, and then enjoy a sweet treat at this delightful parlor found around the corner from the Museum of Natural History. Travel over here to enjoy a wide selection of hand dipped frozen flavors and soft serve selections. You can get different shakes, blends, sundaes, and other frozen treats while relaxing in the comfort of the parlor. In addition to the frozen sweets, you can enjoy numerous other delights here.

Grom’s Gelato

While you may have to get out of Central Park to enjoy Grom’s, as well, it is very much worth the short trip. The treats here are described as “outrageously rich, right down to the hot chocolate.” These artisanal gelatos use products that are imported directly from Italy, such as the water used in the sorbets. The prices may be a little higher than at other spots. However, you’ll find the creamy gelato and bold flavors to be well worth it.

The Central Park Ice Cream Carts

If you want to feel like a kid again, all you have to do is get one of the frozen treats from the army of ice cream carts you can find scattered around Central Park. They are a favorite among those who live in the big city and for good reason. They are easy to come by and affordable, offering a tasty treat without you detouring. Both the Firecracker and Strawberry Shortcake remain popular, so they are perfect for a first-time try!

Harry CiPriani

If you’re looking to sit down and have something satisfying for your sweet tooth, this is the place to visit. Whether you are craving a rich brownie or a slice of pie topped with ice cream, there is something for everyone at Harry Cipriani. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a treat after your bike rental in Central Park.