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Why You Should Consider Central Park Bike Tours at Night

Bike through Central Park at dusk or at nightMost people who go on Central Park bike tours or similar tours of other areas of the Big Apple do so during the day. They want to get a view of everything during the day when the light is natural. While daytime tours have their advantages, you shouldn’t overlook going on a tour at night. Doing so actually has a number of benefits you may or may not have thought about.

No Sunburn or Dehydration

The biggest advantage of opting to do your Central Park bike tours at night is the lack of sun-related issues. Between biking for a few hours with scheduled pauses and the hot sun beating down on you, you are likely to get very warm during a tour, especially around mid-day. There is also a risk of sunburn if you have sensitive skin and forget to apply sunscreen. Neither of these are problems at night since the sun is down. You should still, however, bring some water with you since you will be biking.

Fewer People to Deal With

During the day, New York City is clogged with people going to and from work and tourists sightseeing. While this is also true at night, there are fewer people around once the sun sets. This means that night Central Park bike tours allow you to get better views of the attractions and minimize the number of people you need to avoid while biking.

See Everything Lit Up on Central Park Bike Tours

One of the great things about night tours instead of traditional Central Park bike tours during the day is simply how everything looks. NYC is gorgeous during the day or at night, but there is nothing quite like seeing the Rockefeller Center all lit up or Times Square at night.

You Can Do Other Stuff During the Day

Of course, opting for a night tour instead of doing your Central Park bike tours during the day also gives you all the free time you need during the day. Take a bus tour during the day, and then see the same attractions in a new light at night while getting some exercise after sitting all day. Or just use the free time during the day to take your time wandering your favorite NYC museums without feeling rushed.


Once you go on a night tour, you will wonder why you were even debating it in the first place. You will have lots of fun and get to admire the Big Apple while learning about it.