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Four Things to Do with Your Children When Enjoying a Bike Rental in Central Park

Visit BelvadereBelvedere castle central park must-see spots with your children on a bike rental/tour castle on your central park bike rental!Taking your family on a trip to the Big Apple can be packed with a lot of fun. If you plan things right, you can see a lot of attractions while in the big city. When enjoying your bike rental in Central Park, don’t forget to take the kids to these special sights.

Check Out Hans Christian Anderson Story Time

If you’re enjoying your time here during the summer, be sure to head over to the Hans Christian Andersen Statue on the Conservatory Water during your bike rental in Central Park. During the warmer months, you get a highly entertaining story time along with getting to view the famous statue. It’s a wonderful location to head to in both the spring and fall. The statue offers something special for children along with a fantastic photo opportunity.

Visit Belvedere Castle

This exquisite Victorian-styled castle sparks the imagination in everyone, especially children. Here you can see the Ramble, Great Lawn, Turtle Pond, and the city skyline without much work. The building rests at the highest point in the park, and the tower provides details to the National Weather Service and has since 1919. Kids love climbing the spiral staircase and checking out the many telescopes and microscopes found throughout, encouraging an interest in nature. You can also borrow a free map, field guide, and binoculars, so you can take the little ones on your bird watching adventure.

See Friedsam Memorial Carousel

The Children’s Zone is a perfect spot to take your kids on a bike rental in Central Park. You’ll find the Playmates Arch and the organ music from the carousel entertaining for children of all ages. The Friedsam Memorial Carousel was installed in 1871 and has 57 steeds that are nearly life-sized. When it first opened, a mule and trained horse were underneath, making it move. They were later replaced with a steam power design, but this was only replaced after a fire brought it down. In 1950, the current carousel was found at an old trolley in Coney Island by the Parks Department. It was restored and brought to the current location. The ride usually has a long line, so you may want to get your child some popcorn or other treats from the nearby vendors to help keep them keep busy while they wait.

Explore Victorian Gardens During a Bike Rental in Central Park

During the summer months, Trump Wollman Rink transforms into Victorian Gardens. Here, you and your family can enjoy a classic amusement park complete with a mini roller coaster, a fun slide, Whac-a-Mole, and more. Take some time to try the Kite Flyer, Family Swinger, or Mini Mouse teeny coaster while enjoying your bike rental in Central Park.