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Learn Where the Dog-Friendly Spots Are on Your Central Park Bike Tours

dog-friendly spots in central park bike rental bike tourOne of the benefits to enjoying time in the Big Apple is getting a glimpse of nature set against all the concrete. Central Park has long offered a gorgeous green setting for you to enjoy a bike ride or walk your dog through. There are 23 different areas on Central Park bike tours that are dog-friendly. There are many events held here for dogs and their owners. In the early morning and evening hours, dogs can run off-leash, adding even more enjoyment to their play time. Off-leash hours are in the designated dog-friendly areas and are from dawn until 9 a.m. and then again from 9 p.m. until closing. Some favorite spots for Fido include:

Check Out East Meadow on Your Central Park Bike Tours

Located between the Robert Bendheim playgrounds and East 96th Street, the East Meadow offers a quiet respite and the perfect spot for a picnic. During the summer, you will find a lush lawn sprinkled with picnickers and sunbathers, surrounded by a backdrop of elegantly aged trees, bushes, and other plants. Don’t forget this area closes for the season.

Go to Cedar Hill

The pastoral landscape of Cedar Hill is a classic spot to find dog lovers on Central Park bike tours. This hill gets its name from the red cedars that dot its fields. You will find located at the southern border the Glade Arch. This elegant stone archway is an ideal spot for pictures, and it once supported heavy carriage traffic from Fifth Avenue. You will love the number of flowers that decorate it during the spring. On the north side of it, you will find the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Visit Conservatory Garden

If you’re looking to tour some detailed gardens and catch a glimpse of wonderful dogs while enjoying Central Park bike tours, Conservatory Garden is the place to go. Here you can see any or all of the three different formal gardens: the English, French, or Italian. All are exquisitely designed, full of perennials, fountains, and statues. It is important to note that this is an area that dogs aren’t allowed off leash at any time.

Explore Harlem Meer

Found on the East Side of the park between 106th and 110th Street, Harlem Meer is a picturesque spot for pooches on Central Park bike tours. Meer is Dutch for Lake, and this one memorializes Harlem, which was settled in the 17th century. In addition to being dog-friendly, it’s an ideal area for catch-and-release fishing, swimming, skating, and fun at the playground.