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4 Reasons Why Central Park Bike Rentals Are Perfect for a First Date

bike rental first dateEven with so many first date options in New York City, it is a challenge to find something fun and affordable, but a bike rental Central Park fits the bill. This is an option if you want to spend time outdoors with your date, and it works well for a first date or an established couple looking to try something different.

Highly Affordable

A bike rental NYC Central Park is a highly affordable experience – a true rarity in the city. If you and your date love the outdoors and want to explore the greenery of Central Park, you can easily spend under $10 a person or less to do so with a bicycle. No need to actually buy a bike or fork over more than that for a movie or play.

Chance to Talk

Because you can bike at any pace you want with a Central Park bike rental, this is also the perfect chance to talk with your date. This is ideal for first dates when you are still getting to know each other or if you just enjoy talking with your significant other. Of course, because you are riding a bike around Central Park, there will be no dull moments in the conversation. If there is a lull, just point out something interesting you ride by!

Show Off Your Fitness

If you want, you can even show off your fitness level with your Central Park bike rental on a date. Although you are unlikely to bike very quickly through the park because of the risk of hitting a pedestrian, even riding at a leisurely pace for a few hours shows your date that you have a basic level of fitness. It also gives you some exercise, so you can multitask on the date.

See Whatever You Want

One of the great things about a Central Park bike rental is that you and your date can customize your experience however you want. Choose exactly which areas of Central Park you want to go to and which ones you would rather skip. Since you are on bikes, you will be able to get across the park in no time at all, letting you see numerous attractions even if they are on opposite ends of this green space. You can even choose where you want to stop for a meal. Or choose a cheaper option like a snack from one of the concession carts or a picnic.


Don’t forget to keep a cheap bike rental NYC in mind for your next date.