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Must-See Attractions When You Use a Bike Rental in Central Park

 The keywords to rank for are not that difficult and I can rank topviewnyc.com  on Google's top spots for all the relative keywords and in the map pack for selected terms in 3 months.bike rental central parkIf you plan to get a bike rental in Central Park, there are several attractions you won’t want to miss. There will be opportunities to see fountains and statues, but don’t forget about some of these sights you shouldn’t leave without visiting.

Central Park Zoo

While visiting Central Park, you can’t miss out on the aptly named Central Park Zoo. It’s in the southwest corner of the park. The zoo is exciting for any nature enthusiast and animal lover. From snow leopards and grizzly bears to the famous sea lion pool, the Central Park Zoo is a must-see location. Check it out while enjoying your bike rental in Central Park.

Take a Bike Rental in Central Park to The Mall

Even with the vast range of street performers and vendors who frequently adorn its walkways, the Mall is a landmark promenade . The Mall is what many picture in their mind when thinking of Central Park bike tours. Check this place out for some unique gifts and purchases.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

Next, Bethesda Terrace is a popular destination at the heart of Central Park. The bi-level terrace connects to a grandiose staircases that leads you through a pillared under-section and onto the lower terrace overlooking the lake. In the middle of the terrace is the magnificent Bethesda fountain – “the Angel of the Waters.”

Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of the most renowned art museums in the world and the USA’s largest is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or The Met. The Met is a must-visit not just for those touring New York but for anyone in general. Located close to Central Park, the Met is home to over five centuries of art from a variety of cultures. Considering its proximity to Central Park, it would be foolish to overlook the Met.

American Museum of Natural History

The American Natural History Museum is west across the street from Central Park. This museum is not only home to a multitude of exhibits unlike any other museum on Earth, but it’s the only spot where you’ll find the skeletal remains of a twenty-foot-tall dinosaur. The admission cost, roughly twenty dollars for adults, is certainly well worth every penny.

High Line

The High Line is a short ride southwest of Central Park. The High Line public park is a 1.45 mile stretch of greenery built atop a historic freight rail line that overlooks western Manhattan. Bicycles are not permitted on the High Line, so lock yours up. However, do not let that dissuade you from making it a stop on your bike tour.
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