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Tips for Enjoying Central Park Bike Tours in the Rain

When you have a limited amount of time in New York City, you can’t cancel your plans for Central Park bike tours just because of some rain. Instead, you will want to continue with your planned tour. But you can do a few extra things ahead of time to make sure you still get the most of the experience and enjoy it.

Be Extra Cautious

As with any time you choose to ride a bike in the rain, you will need to ride more cautiously during Central Park bike tours on rainy days than on sunny ones. Be particularly cautious when cornering. You can also try to ride more slowly. As you ride, keep in mind that you may need more time to stop your bike. Also, listen to the advice of the tour guide. He or she likely has plenty of suggestions for riding in the rain.

Wear a Poncho

If you know it is raining but you still plan on taking advantage of a bike rental in Central Park, consider putting on a cheap poncho if you don’t have a raincoat handy. This will ensure that your clothes stay dry even during the tour. That way, you don’t have to walk around and explore other attractions with wet clothing or risk getting sick.

Protect Your Eyes

The point of Central Park bike tours is to see the attractions in the park as well as the greenery itself. This may not be possible depending on the amount of rain and if you wear glasses. Because of this, anyone who wears glasses and doesn’t want to deal with annoying water droplets blocking their vision should wear a hat with a visor. This is also a good idea for those who don’t wear glasses.

Bring a Waterproof Bag for Electronics

In most cases, those who enjoy a bike rental in NYC will do so to enjoy the sights and take pictures. That means that your camera or at least phone will be with you. Assuming that your devices aren’t waterproof, consider investing in a waterproof case for them. At the very least, bring along a waterproof bag of some sort (even if it is just a plastic bag with a zipper seal) to protect your electronics.

Stop to Visit Indoor Attractions or Dine

You may not have much control over the tour route. But if you choose to take advantage of the best bike rental in Central Park, you can find ways to get out of the rain for a few minutes. Consider heading to one of the indoor attractions in the park or getting something to eat at a restaurant to let the worst of the storm pass.


You never have to worry about maintaining the bicycle you use on Central Park bike tours since the best companies do so for you. That means you only need to worry about enjoying the day, not how the bike will hold up in the rain.