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4 Monuments You Don’t Want to Miss on Your Bike Rental NYC Central Park

Whether you choose Central Park bike tours or a simple bike rental that offers you the freedom to explore, you should ensure that you take the time to admire some of the most popular and important monuments in the park. Out of the numerous monuments spread throughout Central Park, here are some you should definitely ride by with your bike rental NYC Central Park.

Alice in Wonderland

Hop off your bike rental NYC Central Park for a few minutes to admire an amazing Alice in Wonderland monument. George Delacorte, a philanthropist, commissioned the bronze statue in 1959 as a present for the kids of NYC. It was also a tribute to Margarita, his late wife, who regularly read the famous story to his children. The piece was created by Jose de Creeft and includes Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit.


Even with all the dogs you will pass on Central Park bike tours, you should be sure to check out the Balto statue. This monument pays homage to Balto, the famous sled dog who saved the children of the state by working hard in an Alaskan storm. In January 1925, there was an epidemic of diphtheria in Nome. However, the medicine was in Anchorage, about a thousand miles away. Multiple teams of sled dogs sent the medicine over a relay system. Balto led the final leg, which was over 53 miles. The monument to the dog arrived that very year in Central Park in December.

Bethesda Fountain

A monument as well as a fountain, the Bethesda Fountain on the Bethesda Terrace is definitely worth a stop during your bike rental NYC Central Park. The fountain features the Angel of the Waters at the top. It references the famous Gospel of John, in which an angel blesses the Pool of Bethesda to give it healing powers. The fountain also honors the Croton water system. It was the first to bring fresh water to the city in 1842. This is also why the angel holds a lily, which symbolizes water purity. The statue was the first time that a woman, Emma Stebbins, had a public art commission in NYC. It is the only statue to be specifically commissioned for Central Park.

The Obelisk

No bike rental NYC Central Park is complete without a ride to the Obelisk, also known as Cleopatra’s Needle. This is the oldest outdoor monument in the city and the oldest of all man-made objects in Central Park. It is one of two obelisks originally commissioned for Heliopolis along the Nile banks around 1450 BCE. The monuments went to Alexandria in 18 CE. One went to London in 1878. This one came to Central Park two years later.


Explore these monuments and take in the other sights during a Central Park bike rental.