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Use anytime within 6 months

See the City in a Different Light with a Central Park Bike Rental

There are plenty of ways to enjoy New York City, but a Central Park bike rental will allow you to appreciate the Big Apple in a new light. Whether you just walk around the city or go on a bus tour, you will be surrounded by people in a hustling and bustling atmosphere. A bike rental NYC lets you slow down and enjoy the scenery, pausing to appreciate whatever you come across.

Take It Slow and Relax

The biggest difference between most experiences in NYC and the best bike rental Central Park is your pace. New York City is always moving, with people in a constant hurry that visitors will always get swept up in. The pace slows down in Central Park, and while on a bike, you get a new perspective. There is no need to rush while riding through Central Park. There is almost no vehicle traffic getting in your way. Set whatever pace you want and enjoy your time.

Stop When You Want

With a Central Park bike rental, you get to choose when and where you want to stop. Because your bike rental always includes a lock, you can even secure the bike and stop to enjoy a meal at a restaurant or explore one of the Central Park attractions in more detail. You can’t just stop in the rest of NYC. All the people rushing around you will get annoyed and try to push you out of the way. The slower pace in Central Park lets you pause to view that fountain or landmark or just to admire a squirrel running by.

Enjoy the Greenery

While New York has everything you need, there is a definite lack of greenery in most areas. With a cheap bike rental NYC, however, you get to experience the area of the city known for its greenery. Get lost in nature while biking. There are even some areas of Central Park that feel secluded enough to be far away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Lock up your bike and stroll through the four-acre Hallett Nature Sanctuary. You will find yourself forgetting how close you are to one of the biggest cities in the world. In addition to plenty of greenery, a Central Park bike rental gives you access to wildlife you won’t see in other areas of the city.


Reserve a Central Park bike rental and see another perspective of New York City while you are in the area.