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Snap a Selfie at These Picture-Perfect Spots During Central Park Bike Rentals

In a city full of sights, Central Park just may take the cake. This green jewel of New York City is jam-packed with photo-worthy spots. Only cars are allowed on the few roads that wind through the park. However, Central Park bike rentals allow you to really explore this famous lush oasis. Central Park has over 800 acres. Therefore, a bike is a great way to see a good deal of it in a short amount of time. On your bike ride through the park, you’ll find a number of spots to take that perfect picture. Here are a few of the best.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

You may recognize the stone steps and overlook of Bethesda Terrace from a number of movies or television shows. You can climb either of the stone staircases to get a great vantage point for pictures. You’ll definitely want a selfie with the terrace’s center piece, the Bethesda Fountain. Located on the lower level of the terrace, the fountain makes a beautiful backdrop for a photo and is a must-see.

Sheep Meadow

You’ve likely seen the Sheep Meadow if you’ve seen any pictures of Central Park. This large grassy common area is fringed with a tree line and the skyline of midtown. The field is a popular place for sunbathing, frisbee, and picnics. It’s also a great spot to snap a picture.

The Pond

Nestled in the park’s southeast corner is a picturesque body of water simply called “The Pond.” The Pond is the location of the famous Gapstow stone bridge. Hop of your bike, and then take a walk around. Certain vantage points offer the perfect opportunity. From one corner of the pond, you can capture the stone bridge. Also, the renowned Plaza Hotel looms in the background.

Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle is a stone structure that is high on Vista Rock. Initially built as a park lookout, the structure itself is worthy of a few snaps. While the castle is beautiful in its own right, the real treasures here are the city views from the castle’s lookout.

The Mall

While Central Park bike rentals are a great way to see the park on two wheels, sometimes things are best experienced on two feet. Ride over to the Mall and park your bike for a pleasant stroll down the tree-lined pathway. Then, you’ll encounter plenty of photo ops. Don’t miss your chance to snap a selfie with a famous author or poet. Their statues line a portion of the Mall known as the Literary Walk.