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Top 3 NYC Bike Tours for Movie Lovers

On a warm sunny day in New York City, take advantage of the Central Park Bike Tours to discover more about the city’s attractions, architecture, and parks. Movie lovers, in particular, will enjoy NYC bike tours. These guided tours will bring you around the city to some of the most famous movie scenes filmed in history. As you bike past the various filming locations, a guide will provide you some information and details about the movies that were filmed there. Who knows? You might even spot a celebrity! Here are the top three NYC bike tours for movie lovers:

Central Park Bike Tour

This two-hour NYC bike tour will bring you around the world’s biggest urban park. You will get the chance to experience some incredible historical attractions, exquisite architecture, and some famous movie scene locations. Some famous landmarks and attractions that you will pass by on your way include the Plaza Hotel, the Wollman Ice Skating Rink, and the Carousel. During this tour, you will get the chance to see where scenes were shot from “Friends,” “Sex and the City,” “Big Daddy,” and “You’ve Got Mail.” On top of that, the guide will point out where some of the world’s most famous actors and producers, such as Steven Spielberg and Al Pacino, reside.

Brooklyn Bike Tour

A three-hour bike tour will bring you from West Side Greenway across the Brooklyn Bridge to some of Brooklyn’s best spots. The neighborhood not only has an extensive historical and cultural background, but it is also a cinematographic hub. Some famous movies filmed in Brooklyn include “Requiem for a Dream,” “The Sentinel,” “Ghostbusters,” “Brooklyn Rules,” “Burn after Reading,” “American Gangster,” and “Saturday Night Fever.” Other famous attractions that you will visit during your tour are Battery Park, Walt Whitman Park, Admiral’s Row, the Manhattan Bridge, Fort Green Park, and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Harlem Bike Tour

The third NYC bike tour is three hours long and will bring you to the city’s Upper West Side. During the tour, the guide will point out some of the neighborhood’s most famous filming locations for films and TV shows. He or she will also teach you about the Black America’s artistic and literary movements. Other famous attractions and landmarks during this tour include Columbia University, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and the Apollo Theater.