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Things to Do in Central Park on Your Kid-Friendly NYC Bike Rental Tour

Central Park is a treasure trove of sights and natural wonder. In a city of concrete and skyscrapers, the park is essentially NYC’s backyard. The excitement and adventure of this 800-acre park make it the ideal place for kids to explore, learn, and have a great time. An NYC bike rental is a great way to get around the massive green space and see as much as possible in a limited amount of time. You’ll want to have a few places to see and things to do in order to make the most of your cycling adventure with your kids.

The Great Lawn

You’ve likely seen a photo of the Great Lawn in Central Park. This massive green space is easily recognizable with the skyscrapers of Manhattan looming over the tree line. You’ll want to navigate your bikes to the lawn and park for a bit. The Great Lawn is an ideal spot for a game of frisbee, tag, or catch. You can also pack a picnic for a scenic lunch. Pack your camera as well. This is a great location for photos with your kids.

Belvedere Castle

Your kids will love exploring the historic castle nestled among Central Park’s trees. The old castle is a hit for adventure lovers and an idyllic spot for your crew to use their imagination as they play in a real-life fairytale setting. The Henry Luce Observatory located in the castle lets your kids can peer through telescopes or check out an exploration pack that has binoculars and a field guide for the surrounding forest. Don’t miss the views from the castle’s lookout for sights your little ones won’t soon forget.

Central Park Zoo

One of the highlights of an NYC bike rental is a stop at the Central Park Zoo. Hop off your bike and take your kids to see the over 130 species that call the zoo home. You won’t forget the smile on your kid’s face as they encounter penguins, snow leopards, and other exotic animals.

Friedsam Memorial Carousel

Park your bike and follow the sound of organ music until you find the Friedsam Memorial Carousel. Your kids will delight in the colorfully painted horses that adorn the carousel. There’s typically a bit of queue for a ride, but there’s plenty of vendors selling hotdogs and popcorn. That should keep your crew occupied while you wait.