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3 Reasons to Take Your Kids out on Central Park Bikes

New York City is a melting pot of sights, sounds, and excitement. The city is even more electrifying for your kids. When visiting the city that never sleeps with your family, you’ll want to include a bike ride through Central Park. Your children will be delighted by the statues, nature, and famous spots littered throughout the park. In Central Park, bikes are a great way to see the park with your crew. With over 800 acres, tackling a day in the park on foot can be a challenge. Hopping on a cycle doubles the land that you can cover in a day. If you’re still on the fence, here are three reasons you should take your kids out for a day on bikes in the park.

Cover More Ground

Central Park is huge. It would take days to see the sites on foot. Considering the massive size of Central Park, bikes allow you to see more sights that you would be able to when walking. With bike rentals, you and your kids can whiz through the tree-lined paths and take in all the park has to offer without burning up too much of your valuable vacation time.

A Day of Adventure

It’s nice to get back to nature after walking the streets of the concrete jungle. Central Park is loaded with places where your kids can climb, explore, and escape. Belvedere Castle is a beautiful stone structure that will transport your kids into a fairytale. They’ll love climbing to the top of its lookout and peering over the massive green space that is Central Park. Hop back on your bikes and head to Central Park Zoo where adventure is around every corner with hundreds of exotic animals. Top off the action by exploring the wood of the Ramble and playing a game of hide-and-seek.

Make Lasting Memories

The park is loaded with beautiful sites that are perfect for picture opportunities. Take the time to stop at locations along the way to snap a photo with the kids with this world-famous park as your backdrop. Bike over to the pond in the southeast corner of the park. Here, you’ll find the famous Gapstow Bridge spanning this quaint body of water. The vantage point from the bridge offers an amazing view of the park tree line with the Plaza Hotel in the background. When you return home, you can relive and remember your day of excitement in New York’s backyard.