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How to Burn Extra Calories While Bike Riding Central Park

Are you planning on bike riding Central Park and want to make the most out of it by pushing extra hard to burn some additional calories? Then follow the following tips for a successful bike workout.

No Coasting

Try to always keep your coasting to the absolute minimum. By coasting too much, you lower your heart rate. When you do, you burn a lot fewer calories than if you were running. If you happen to get close to a stop sign or are riding downhill, make sure that your speed was reduced in the first place so you can coast less in general.

Have a Morning Post-Biking Snack

The best time for bike riding Central park is right after you wake up. Get on your bike on an empty stomach. It will push your body to burn more fat than usual. This is because your body is in a semi-fasted state in the morning. If you don’t want to bike on an empty stomach, have a cup of black or green tea when you wake up. This increases your calorie burn. It also gives you a slightly increased feeling of fullness. When your Central Park bike tour is over, make sure to eat a good, healthy breakfast.

Ride on Mixed Terrain

When you are bike riding Central Park, you will explore many parts of the park. But if you want to push it a little further, make sure to include mixed terrain during your bike ride. By staying on a flat route the entire time, you burn fewer calories. If you add some interval to your terrain by, for example, biking uphill, it will increase your heart rate and will get you to burn some extra calories.

Ride in Groups

The best thing about a Central Park bike tour is that you will be biking with other fellow travelers. This offers more motivation to get out and work harder. By riding in a group, you will be pushed to go farther or harder.

Go for a Long Ride

If you use the interval method described above and combine it with a longer-than-usual ride, you will be able to burn even more calories. Biking for more than two hours will bring your heart rate to your aerobic zone. That is what you need to burn those extra calories. Just make sure to eat a good and healthy meal after your ride. This is inorder to avoid unnecessary and unhealthy snacking. If you’d rather have a snack before your ride, opt for a banana or a peanut butter sandwich.