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The Importance of Wearing a Helmet on a Central Park Bike Rental

When you get a Central Park bike rental, you always have to consider the importance of taking the necessary safety measures. Wearing a helmet is one of the most important safety measures you can take on any Central Park bike tour, as it can seriously reduce your risk of brain injuries.

Protecting Your Head

It is so important to protect your head when you ride a bicycle. The helmet will absorb the impact during a fall or collision. Therefore, make sure to wear one on your Central Park bike rental. Most people give themselves so many reasons to not wear one. They don’t want to because it’s uncomfortable, it messes up their hair, or it just doesn’t look cool. These seem like good excuses until they fall off their bicycle.

Wearing the Right Helmet

Aside from wearing a helmet to protect your head, it is equally important to wear the correct helmet. If the helmet you are wearing is not fitting your head properly, it will not provide you with the proper level of protection. There are different helmets for different activities. Therefore, it is always important to make sure you use the appropriate helmet for the activity that you are involved in. Another important characteristic to pay attention to is the size of the helmet. If the helmet doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. You have to feel comfortable wearing it. It also has to sit evenly on your head without moving in any direction.

Other Safety Measures for an Central Park Bike Rental

Remember that although wearing a helmet is extremely important, they are not always a 100% effective. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution with other aspects of bike riding on your Central Park bike rental. This includes paying attention to your own speed, watching out for signals as well as traffic signs, being careful of other vehicles on the road, and watching out for animals and pedestrians.

Knowing NYC Biking Rules

If you are going to join the millions of people in New York City who ride their bicycles, be safe. Make sure you have looked at the NYC biking rules as well as the rules of the road that apply to cyclists. For examples, bicyclists are subject to most of the rules that are also applicable to drivers. They have to pay attention to pavement markings, traffic signals, and regulating signs. But bikers also have to obey the routes of bike riding. They are prohibited to ride their bicycles on some roadways and are permitted to ride on local streets throughout the city.