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Go Out to Lunch After You Rent Bikes in Central Park

If you are planning to rent bikes in Central Park but want to eat a good and filling lunch around the park beforehand, there are a few options that you might enjoy. There are a variety of places around Central Park that are absolutely delicious, and there is a lot of variation in terms of the type of cuisine you can choose from. Some of the best cuisines around Central Park besides American include Cuban and Greek delicacies. Here are some of the top picks for lunch around Central Park.

Go to Barney Greengrass After you Rent Bikes in Central Park

This delicious restaurant is on the Upper West Side right next to Central Park. If you enjoy the typical brunch menu, you will not be disappointed. The specialties of this restaurant include gigantic egg platters, matzo ball soup, egg salad, and smoked fish.


Head over to the Upper East Side before you rent bikes in Central Park to eat at the charming Sarabeth’s. You can get a cozy lunch in a comfortable setting that includes house-baked pastries and delicious potpie amongst other menu options.

Calle Ocho

Are you craving Latin food? Then you must try this delicious Cuban-themed restaurant.  Give the rum-glazed shrimp or the goat cheese empanadas a try. Other great foods on the menu include the tuna tiradito with roasted pineapple, jalapenos, and avocado and the pumpkin seed mahi-mahi. For dessert, try the cheesecake or the coconut sorbet.


If you’d rather eat Greek cuisine, Kefi is a great place to check out for a good lunch before you rent bikes in Central Park. This Upper East Side food joint is cheap and plentiful. Try the charred grilled branzino fillets or the beef and pork meatballs. Other great lunch menus items include the macaroni and feta cheese as well as the dumplings.

The Loeb Boathouse Central Park

What better place to get a good, healthy lunch before you rent bikes in Central Park than Central Park itself? For a healthy option, opt for the Boathouse salad. It has red onion, feta cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Besides the salad, their fish is great as well as their crab cakes. For dessert, give the mascarpone cheesecake a try.