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How to Work Out with Bike Rentals NYC

If you are thinking about taking advantage of bike rentals NYC in order to work out while exploring Central Park, there are a few additional things you can do to burn a few extra calories. Biking in general is a great way to work out, and with 843 acres of green space and biking paths, there is plenty of space to work out. Here are a few tips on how to add some extra spice to your biking workout.

Don’t Bike in a Straight Lane

You can bike on a variety of mixed terrain when you use your bike rentals NYC. Central Park is huge, offering a variety of terrain that will allow you to switch up your route. By alternating in terms of terrain, you will push a little harder in terms of intensity. If you want to work out extra hard while using bike rentals NYC, don’t stay on a flat or straight route.

Long Rides Inside the Park

By biking a little longer, you will burn a few extra calories. If you want a good workout, bike for longer than two hours. This will bring your heart rate up to the aerobic zone. By bringing your heart rate up, you will allow your body to start burning the necessary calories. By adding mixed terrain and interval riding to your long ride, your workout will be complete. Just make sure to eat a good, healthy snack before and after.

Pre- and Post-Biking Snacks

Having a good bite before you get on your bike and when you are done with your bike ride is crucial for keeping your metabolism going and your energy high. Opt for a peanut butter sandwich or bananas. This will also prevent you from eating foods that are unhealthy. Opt for healthy fats and protein. Having a healthy breakfast is also important, and it’s best to go for a bike ride in the morning. If you want to push a little harder, opt for taking advantage of bike rentals NYC right after waking up and before having breakfast. By riding a bike in a semi-fasting state, your body will burn extra calories. Just make sure to eat after your bike ride is over.