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Use anytime within 6 months

New York Park Bike Rental FAQs

If you feel unsure about your future bike rental experience, here are some New York park bike rental FAQs to check out.

Are your bike tours guided?

Our tours are guided. Your guide will point out historical attractions, beautiful waterfalls, ponds, bridges, wildlife, and iconic landmarks like the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can also stop by more than 150 movie-filming sites. As a favorite activity among locals, you might even spot a celebrity riding nearby.

Are the guides for your bike tour experienced?

Not only are they experienced, but they are also extensively trained. Because our guides have in-depth knowledge of Central Park, they can answer your questions to make your bike tour even more interesting. They will also maintain a pace comfortable for everyone in your group.

Do you have both adult and children’s bikes?

A New York park bike rental from us is easy because we have quality bikes for both adults and children. However, for riders under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must accompany them. We also have a liability form that you need to sign.

Are helmets included in the price?

For all bike rides in Central Park, we require riders to wear a helmet, which we include in the price of the tour. When checking in, we will help everyone find a helmet that fits correctly.

How long does the tour last?

Our bike tour typically takes about two hours to complete.

How far will we ride?

Overall, the tour covers roughly seven miles. Along the way, you will see beautiful scenery.

What are some of the more interesting places in Central Park?

One reason that so many people love to ride a bike around Central Park has to do with the variety of things to see and do. Because this park covers 843 acres, it caters to virtually everyone. You can pack a lunch or order one from a nearby deli for a picnic under a shade tree, visit the Central Park Zoo, take a leisurely stroll through the Conservatory Garden, and much more.

If you want to rent a bike in Central Park, we are your most trusted source. With the information provided, we hope that you will feel more comfortable and confident with your New York park bike rental from us.