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Prevent Bug Bites on Your Central Park Bike Tour

Few things are as fun as a Central Park bike tour, but the last thing you want to happen is for bugs to dine on you while you are riding. While bugs are not particularly bad in Central Park, they can be anywhere. If you want to protect yourself from bug bites and make sure your trip is nothing but fun, these tips can help.

Bug Repellent

If you are planning on being outside at all, it’s a good idea to keep some bug repellent with you at all times. You can find sprays that work on sensitive skin. There are other sprays that use natural ingredients if you are concerned about the chemicals and ingredients inside. You can keep the bug repellent in your backpack while you ride or when you finish your Central Park bike tour and want to walk around NYC.

The Right Clothing

When you are on a Central Park bike tour, you need to wear clothing that allows you to move freely and stay comfortable. In most cases, this type of clothing would include shorts a and a t-shirt. If bug bites are a concern, you should consider wearing long pants and long sleeves. Bugs can’t and won’t try to bite through clothing. If you don’t expose your skin, you won’t have to worry about bugs. You can always change after your bike ride.

Know Where to Ride

It’s a good idea to keep a map with you when you go on a Central Park bike tour. You want to avoid areas where there may be insect infestations, including places with standing water. By avoiding these areas of the park, you reduce your chances of running into bugs and getting insect bites.

If you are visiting NYC and want to experience everything the city has to offer, a Central Park bike tour is the best place to start. You can check out the bike path, stop and enjoy a hotdog or an ice cream cone, check out the festivals, or just enjoy nature. Central Park is beautiful any time of year. The best way to see and explore it is on a bike. If you want to enjoy your trip without itchy bug bites, use the tips above to avoid them.

Photo credit Ins @qwqw7575