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The Science Behind a Bicycle: Wheels and Axels
by Steven Thomas

Although they typically go unnoticed in everyday life, many tools we use to survive would not be possible without simple machines. The six simple machines, identified by Renaissance scientists, are the wheel and axle, pulley, lever, wedge, screw, and inclined plane. These machines are used to apply force to a single load. When two or more simple machines are used together, the result is called a compound machine.

Bike Safety for All Ages
by Steven Thomas

Taking a bike ride can be an enjoyable excursion. With the fresh air and sights to see, many people choose to ride their bikes for exercise and as a way to enjoy the outdoors.

The Beginner's Guide to Essential Bike Maintenance
by Steven Thomas

Whether you own your own bike or pedal from time to time with a bike rental, bicycling has a variety of benefits that make it a popular pastime for many people. Not only can biking provide effective exercise, building muscles and providing a healthful cardiovascular workout, but bicycling can also be a means of transportation that does not cause harm to the environment. However, anyone who spends time bicycling must pay attention to regular bike maintenance to ensure that the bike remains in good working order. Bike maintenance enhances safety and extends the life of the bicycle.

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