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Explore Gapstow Bridge in Central Park with Your Bike Rental

Among all the iconic photo-ready spots in Central Park, Gapstow Bridge is among the favorites. It also is widely considered one of the most beautiful. With your Central Park bike rental, the bridges are just minutes from each other. This may be the second bridge built on the site, but it is certainly the most recognized.

The original bridge in this location was elaborate and made of iron and wood. It was gorgeous but deteriorated over time, being replaced in 1896. If you get the chance, check out art depicting the beauty of that first bridge by Jacob Wrey Mould.

The current bridge is even more picturesque with ivy working its way across the stonework, making visiting the bridge in warmer months well worth the trip. It stands 76 feet across and 12 feet high, covering 44 feet of water.

View from the Bridge

Take your Central Park bike rental to the center of Gapstow Bridge, and you will find yourself with an amazing view of the rest of the park. Look to the south to appreciate the New York skyline peeking up from the various trees, a site found in many postcards, or to see the Plaza Hotel. In the winter, you will also see Wollman Rink to the south, awaiting you as your next destination on your Central Park bike rental adventure. In the summer, you’ll see Victorian Gardens in that direction.

The Perfect Pause in Your Bike Ride

For those who plan to take full advantage of their Central Park bike rental, the Gapstow Bridge is the ideal spot to pause and get a breath of fresh air. As all paths in the park are easily connected, you can easily visit other attractions on your way to or from the bridge.

As you approach on your bike, you will be tempted to slow down and enjoy the view. Get even closer to the northeastern point of the pond, and you can’t help but pause. Take this opportunity to pull your camera out of your bag and snap some photos. With the extra speed of your bike, you can even have some members of your group stand on the bridge while another rides to the perfect spot to take a picture. Zoom in, and you have the perfect group shot without having to wait 15 minutes or more for the photographer to get back to the group.

For more information on what a Central Park bike rental has to offer, feel free to contact us.