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Explore Shakespeare Gardens in Central Park with Your Bike Rental

Multiple areas around the world have their own Shakespeare Gardens. With a Central Park bike rental, NYC’s version is easy to access. While you will likely want to stroll through the gardens themselves instead of biking through them, taking a bike there lets you make the most of Central Park.

The Shakespeare Gardens in Central Park are part of the west side of the park near the 79th Street entrance. If you look at older history of the park, you will see that the current Shakespeare Gardens used to be the Garden of the Heart. They were renamed in honor of Shakespeare on the 300th anniversary of his death.

Following Traditions of Other Shakespeare Gardens

The Shakespeare Gardens in Central Park aren’t the first of their kind and are unlikely to be the last. They took inspiration from the gardens that came before them, filling the area with gorgeous flowers and plants that Shakespeare mentioned in his plays. The gardeners also included plants of the same species found in Shakespeare’s garden at his Stratford-upon-Avon home. Just some of the plants you will spot include:

  • Pansies, which Ophelia alludes to in “Hamlet.”
  • Rosemary, also alluded to by Ophelia.
  • Thistle, which is mentioned in “Much Ado About Nothing.”
  • A white mulberry tree that was grown using a graft from a tree Shakespeare planted in 1602.

Exploring the Gardens by Foot or on Bike

While most people choose to stroll through the garden, there are 4 full acres. This means that exploring the entire area can take some time without the help of a Central Park bike rental. As you stroll or slowly bike throw the gardens, take the time to stop and read the various bronze plaques you pass. Each has a quotation from the Shakespeare play inspiring the inclusion of a given plant.

Because of the location of the garden, it is the perfect stop along your way to Belvedere Castle on your Central Park bike rental. In fact, many visitors don’t set out to explore the gardens and just stumble upon them. They are always glad they did and make it a point to visit the gardens again in the future.

Sit Down and Enjoy the Flowers

Don’t worry about getting exhausted during your trip to the Shakespeare Gardens, as there are numerous benches spread throughout. This makes it the perfect place to take a relaxing break from riding your Central Park bike rental. Find a nice bench, put up your kickstand, and sit down to take in the floral smells, luscious greenery, and flowering blooms. You will feel as if you are transported to an actual English garden across the pond without leaving New York.

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