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5 Reasons to Consider a Central Park Bike Rental

Biking in Central Park is incredibly popular, and that isn’t hard to see. After all, any trip to the park will bring you by at least a dozen bikers enjoying the time outside. A Central Park bike rental opens up the possibility of biking to those who live in the city and don’t own a bike and those who are just in town for a bit and want to get some fresh air. Anyone can rent a bike, and it is definitely worth it.

1. See Everything in a Day

With a Central Park bike rental, visitors are actually able to see the entire park in just a day. While you probably still won’t have time to stop and spend hours at each attraction (there are dozens of them!), you will at least get to see everything from the outside and spend more time by those sights you care most about. There are bike paths throughout the park, making it easy to go between various attractions. In addition, you won’t find yourself having to walk miles to see everything; you’ll cover more ground on a bike.

2. Incredible Range of Bikes

When choosing to get a Central Park bike rental, visitors also have access to an incredible range of bikes. There are male, female, and kid bikes, as well as tandem ones for those who want to share. There even are child tag-a-longs that attach to the adult bikes, turning them into a tandem bike that can accommodate a child. Those with younger children will appreciate the option of surrey bikes, which are essentially little carts where everyone pedals (but the parents do most of the work). There are choices for two adults and three kids or four adults and four kids. Bike rentals will even have child seats available so you can strap your baby or smaller toddler onto your bike with ease.

3. Affordable Pricing

To say that a Central Park bike rental is affordable is quite the understatement. Adult bikes start at just $7, while kids’ bikes start at $5, and there are discounts for longer rentals. Since it only costs a few bucks to rent a bike, everyone can afford it.

4. Helmets and Locks Are Always Included

When you get a Central Park bike rental, you don’t have to worry about anything since all rentals include a helmet. This way, you can always be safe. Remember that while adults aren’t required to wear a helmet in Central Park, all children must. Bike rentals also include locks, so you can secure your bike if you want to go inside an attraction or restaurant.

5. Get Exercise While Having Fun

Don’t forget that biking around Central Park is the perfect way to combine exercise with fun. You will get to sightsee and connect with the outdoors while burning a few calories, the perfect combination.

For help with your Central Park bike rental, visitors should contact us. Make a reservation to guarantee you get a bike, even on the busiest days.