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6 Ways to Improve Your Central Park Bike Rental Experience

When you decide to get a bike rental, Central Park is easy to explore. After all, you can cover much more ground on a bike than by foot and won’t get as tired doing so either. A Central Park bike rental is always a smart choice, but to make your day even better, consider the following advice.

1. Rent a Basket

It is typically a very good idea to rent a basket along with your bike. This additional rental is highly affordable (starting at just a dollar) and can make your day much easier. After all, would you rather have a backpack on while biking, creating huge sweat stains, or put your bag in the basket? Not to mention items in the basket, like a water bottle, are much easier to reach while moving than things in a bag.

2. Be Prepared for Heat and Sweat

Before they even get on their Central Park bike rental, visitors should be prepared for heat as well as sweat. Even if you bike at a leisurely pace, you will likely sweat somewhat, so opt for lightweight clothing. You should also try to wear a hat and sunglasses and bring some sunscreen. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water, as well, so you stay hydrated.

3. Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

Some people prefer to get their Central Park bike rental and then be spontaneous, riding down whichever path they feel like. Many, however, will get more from their day if they plan ahead of time. At the very least, you should know if you want to spend the day just biking or plan to use your bike to get between various Central Park attractions in a short amount of time. If you are biking between attractions, try to figure out what order you want to visit them in and make sure you know how to get between sites.

4. Get the Best Deal with an All-Day Rental

Although it isn’t an option for everyone, those that can opt for an all-day rental will find it to be the best option. Not only is this type of rental the best value, but it also takes the pressure off. You won’t be hurrying back to the Central Park bike rental location to return the bike or find yourself having to cut something short. With an all-day rental, you can take your time.

5. Reserve the Rental in Advance

No matter how long you plan to rent the bike for, you should always reserve it in advance if possible. This will guarantee that you get a rental, which is important on weekends and during the summer. You can also get a significant discount for advanced reservations, sometimes as much as 50 percent off.

6. Consider a Tour

To take your Central Park bike rental experience to the next level, don’t forget to consider going on a tour. This is a great way to learn more about the park and your bike rental during the tour will be free.

When you are ready to reserve your bike rental, our team is here to help you.