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4 Tips for Making Central Park Bike Tours Perfect for Your Family

Bike Central Park with the family
Biking as a family is an excellent bonding experience, and Central Park bike tours can take this outing to the next level. To make it even better, you don’t have to worry about finding a bike in your child’s size. The tour has bike experts that will be able to tell at a glance which one is perfect for your child, and they’ve taken care of all the maintenance. To ensure your bike tour goes smoothly, follow this advice.

Let Kids Know What to Expect

Before you ever go on Central Park bike tours, take the time to explain to your kids what they should expect. Let them know that you will be biking together for about two hours, but they shouldn’t worry about getting tired because you will be taking a lot of breaks along the way. Tell them that they will get to see the pretty plants and animals in Central Park and see movie sites. Don’t forget to give them a refresher on how to be safe on a bicycle.

Choose the Right Bikes

Once you get to the Central Park bike tours company, be sure you choose the right type of bike. For most children, this will be either a separate kids’ bike or a child tag-a-long bike that attaches to the back of your adult bike, acting like a tandem with two different sizes. Your choice will depend on how confident your child is in terms of balance. You can also consider a tandem bike if your kids are already teens or tall enough for an adult bike. However, if you aren’t sure, have the bike experts determine which size your child needs. If you have babies, don’t worry; bike tours have baby seats, as well.

Bring Snacks and Water

Since the bike tour will last around two hours, you need plan ahead when it comes to water and snacks. Kids are notorious for always getting hungry at the most inconvenient times. So, bring along a few conveniently sized snacks that are ready to munch on at the designated stops along the way. Don’t forget a water bottle for everyone in your family, as well. This way, no one feels dehydrated and you don’t have to pass around water bottles.

Consider a Practice Ride Beforehand

It should go without saying that you only want to go on Central Park bike tours as a family if everyone is confident on a bike or will be in a baby seat. That said, if your children don’t like the idea of biking on a “strange bicycle,” consider renting a bike for an hour the day before or even just a few hours before your tour. This way, your children can see that riding this rental bike is just like their own and confirm that they are comfortable riding in Central Park. Now, they should be able to enjoy the tour.

With all this advice in mind, you are ready to enjoy Central Park bike tours with your family.