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Why Choose Central Park Bike Rentals Instead of a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Rent a bike through cnetral park instead of taking a horse ride!

If you are traveling to the Big Apple, you know there are many attractions across the city for you to enjoy. There is a good chance you are considering Central Park bike rentals but aren’t sure if they would be a better experience than a horse-drawn carriage ride. First, it’s important to note that they are very different experiences with unique benefits. If you have room in your budget, you should leave the time to enjoy both. If you can only choose one, then the following are just some of the reasons you may want a bike rental instead of a carriage ride.


When you are enjoying Central Park bike rentals, you are also able to experience all the sights of the park while getting some stress-free exercise. Instead of parking it in a carriage and letting a horse pull you through the scenery, you can leisurely pedal around, taking in the sights while burning calories. This can be a fantastic way to help you enjoy any of the many NYC restaurants guilt-free; you will simply burn the calories off biking!


One of the biggest reasons to consider using Central Park bike rentals instead of taking a horse-drawn carriage is to keep your trip in budget. Getting a carriage ride can cost as much as $60 for just 15 minutes. This is many times more expensive than renting a bike for each member of the family. If you want to see the park without walking and without spending a fortune, bike rentals are the best option.


When you take a horse-drawn carriage, you are at the mercy of your tour guide. While this does mean you can have a narrated tour and learn more about the park and its history, it also means you can’t take the time to visit the attractions you really want to see. If you are interested in visiting several of the park’s world-famous features, Central Park bike rentals will give you the chance to stop and visit when you want, for as long as you like.

Building Memories

You will have memories and even photos to keep when you take a horse and carriage. However, when you have an adventure that includes Central Park bike rentals, you will have even more memories. You get more time with your bike than you would when you take a carriage. With the freedom you have, and the room in your budget, you can stop at any of the attractions in the park, enjoy a bite to eat, or even catch a show. This will leave even more opportunities for you to build memories with your family.