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4 Tips for Navigating Crowds on Central Park Bike Tours

Navigate the city crowds on your central park bike rental

Deciding what you want to do on a NYC sightseeing trip can be overwhelming. There are far too many attractions to see in one visit alone. For this reason, taking a bike tour of Central Park is very popular. It’s a fantastic way to spend the afternoon with friends and family seeing many of the attractions in the park. If you are planning on an afternoon of Central Park bike tours, you may have to navigate around crowds. However, with the following tips, you can make it to all your favorite attractions without any stress and worry.

1. Go with the Flow of Traffic

It is often instinctual to try to ride our bike against traffic — cars or people. This is because we want to see what is headed in our direction. When you are navigating around people on Central Park bike tours, you want to make sure to go with the flow of traffic. This helps everyone obey standard traffic laws, which makes it easier to understand who may have the right-of-way and other basic rules.

2. Wear Head Gear

It may seem silly, but wearing a helmet can save your life and should be taken seriously. Although a helmet may not be fashionable and can be downright sticky on a hot day, it can mean the difference between time in the hospital and walking away from an accident. Even seasoned riders opt for helmets on Central Park bike tours.

3. Stay on Designated Paths

Although there are many beautiful areas in the park you are surely going to want to explore, you really need to stick to the areas designated for cyclists. This will help ensure you aren’t running into pedestrians, hikers, and those with their pets. There are many signs designating where you can be throughout Central Park, so keep an eye out while on your bike tour.

4. Play It Safe

Truly, some of the best wisdom to follow on Central Park bike tours is to use common sense. Don’t have your phone out while navigating paths, especially those that are heavily populated. Don’t multitask around crowds; save grabbing a drink and riding one handed while alone on the path. Keep your eyes on the road and communicate when slowing or stopping. Make an indication before turning, and generally be aware of those around you to help make sure you can get through a group of people while on your bike.