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What You Need for a Bike Rental in Central Park

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With all the different attractions and things to do in Central Park, a bike rental can be the perfect way to get you and your family around. With over 800 acres nestled in the center of the Big Apple, you will have more than enough ground to cover. Before heading out to the rentals, you may want to check your pockets to make sure you have everything you need so you don’t get turned away. Consider the following the essential basics to securing a bike rental in Central Park.

Government Issued ID

Just like with any rental, you will need some form of officially issued ID for a bike rental in Central Park. This is to help secure the rental and ensure you bring it back safely at the end of your ride. If you are concerned whether your ID will work, don’t be afraid to call in advance and get it approved. With an acknowledged ID on record, you can get on your bike and set out on your adventure.

Sensible Shoes

Though sensible shoes aren’t a requirement necessarily, shoes are required. You want them to be sensible because heels won’t be the easiest to peddle your bike rental in Central Park. When you are headed out for a day of fun in nature, it is best to strap those feet in tennis shoes. This will make it simple to go from biking to hiking. It will also help keep you safer as you tour the park.

Be Over 18

Minors can’t legally rent a bike without their parent’s signature. You will need to be old enough or have a parent or legal guardian with you to secure your bike rental in Central Park. If you are too young, make sure you have a reliable adult to go on your tour with you.


Although cash may not precisely be a requirement to getting a bike rented, some places in Central Park only accept cash. To ensure you can have a day of uninterrupted fun, make sure you have some cash on hand or that you know the easy location of an ATM.


Luckily for you, this isn’t something you have to bring along to your bike rentals in Central Park. It is important to have one while riding, however. Be sure to get the appropriate size and wear yours while touring the world-famous park.