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Take the Family for a Fun Day Out with Central Park Bike Tours

central park bike toursInstead of searching for your next family activity, consider Central Park bike tours. These are just as much fun as a bike rental! When you are visiting, spending some time in Central Park is a great way to balance out the urban jungle, and a tour works surprisingly well for families.

Bikes and Seats for Everyone

No matter how old your children are, there are bike rental Central Park options that work for them. A tour includes the rental for the duration of the tour and lets you choose from a child or adult bike, ensuring that your kids can pedal by themselves if they want. If your children aren’t quite strong enough to do the biking themselves yet, you can also rent a child tag-a-long that attaches to the adult bike. Bring your toddler along as well with a baby seat from the tour company. There is indeed an option for everyone.

Slow Enough to Keep Up

What’s stopping you? You may be tempted to look for a cheap bike rental instead because your kids may not be able to keep up, but this shouldn’t be a concern. Central Park bike tours cover less than seven miles in two hours, so your child should be able to keep up as you go.

Interesting So No One Gets Bored

The top priority is your child. If your child gets bored easily, this just gives you another reason to go on a family bike tour together. The experienced staff guiding you during Central Park bike tours will keep things interesting with unique facts and more. Your kids will love recognizing filming locations from movies and getting the chance to spot celebrities as you ride around the park.

Enjoy the Park Before or After

Following the tour, ask your kids what areas they liked best. Head back over there to spend extra time. If you want, you can even rent bikes to continue the fun instead of walking around.


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