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What to be Expected from Central Park Bike Tours

Plan on taking Central Park bike tours, and you will be in for a treat. If you are already thinking of taking advantage of a bike rental in Central Park, going on a tour makes perfect sense. After all, it includes the fee for the bike rental and gives you the benefit of a guide so you can get insider information on everything you pass.

Knowledgeable Guides

As you ride along on your Central Park bike tours, expect the tour guides to be incredibly knowledgeable. They will be able to tell you about the history and importance of the various attractions you ride past. You should also expect them to be able to answer most questions you have about Central Park. They may even have some good suggestions about where to eat after the bike tour or what to do next.

Seeing Over 150 Movie Sights

With some help from the tour, you should expect to see an incredible number of movie sights with your cheap bike rental NYC. In fact, you will typically see over 150 different filming spots as you ride, learning about each of them.

A Comfortable Pace with Designated Stops

Some people get concerned when they hear they will bike seven miles or so during Central Park bike tours, but you should expect the pace to always be conversational. As you take advantage of a bike rental in NYC, you will ride for about two hours, and there will be stops so everyone can catch their breath and relax if necessary. Because of this, you will get a reasonable workout in but shouldn’t get too out of breath.

Possibly Spotting Celebrities

A great thing about a Central Park bike rental is that celebrities frequently hang out in or simply stroll around Central Park. Because of this, those on tours will regularly pass by celebrities as they go from place to place. While there is no guarantee you will spot a celebrity, the chances are very good that you could.

No Hidden Fees

With the best bike rental Central Park and tour companies, you should expect there to be no hidden fees of any kind. When you pay for the tour, you also pay for the bike and helmet. Therefore, there is no need to spend additional money unless you want to.


Whether you want to take advantage of Central Park bike tours or just a regular rental, contact us to start enjoying this vast green space in the heart of NYC.