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Central Park Attractions to Check Out with Your Kids During Central Park Bike Rentals

When you take your family on a vacation to the Big Apple, make sure you don’t miss out on the Central Park bike rentals. After all, who said you must walk everywhere you go while sightseeing in NYC? There are so many amazing attractions around the city that a bike is the perfect way to enjoy them all with your whole family. From Victorian castles to gorgeous gardens to dozens of playgrounds, here are a few of the Central Park attractions you should check out.

Belvedere Castle

Make the Belvedere Castle your first stop when you and your family rent bikes in NYC. Located on the highest point in the park, you’ll have the perfect view all around. A few things you’ll be able to see in the castle include the Great Lawn, the Turtle Pond, and the Ramble. While you’re busy looking at the great view, your kids will love climbing up and down the spiral staircase to look through the different telescopes and microscopes scattered throughout.

Friedsam Memorial Carousel

Another popular attraction to check out during Central Park bike rentals is the Friedsam Memorial Carousel. The carousel is the perfect spot for kids. It has 57 stunning horses and plays beautiful calliope music. The first carousel was built in 1871. Since then, it caught fire. There have been two more carousels since. The Brooklyn firm Stein & Goldstein made the current standing carousel in 1908. It is one of the largest carousels in the US.

Tisch Children’s Zoo

While visiting the Central Park Zoo during your NYC bike tour with your children, don’t forget the Tisch Children’s Zoo. The Tisch features an Acorn Theatre, a petting zoo, and an “Enchanted Forest.” The Enchanted Forest is home to turtles, birds, frogs, and several other gorgeous creatures.


Bike rentals in central park are a great way to sightsee across NYC, spend time with the family, and get a little exercise. The exercise, however, does not have to stop there. Just in Central Park, there are 21 different playgrounds for your children to enjoy. Each playground features a unique design, theme, and play structure(s).

As you can imagine, Central Park is home to an incredible number of kid-friendly attractions for the whole family to enjoy. This list barely scratches the surface. You will need to rent a bike in Central Park more than once in order to explore all of the attractions.