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How to Refresh Your Biking Skills Before Your NYC Bike Rental

Riding a bicycle is easy. But if you haven’t done it a long time, you may want to refresh your biking skills before getting on your NYC bike rental. Luckily for you, remembering how to ride a bike comes back very quickly. It won’t take you very long to feel comfortable again. Here are seven tips to re-master your biking skills.

Understanding Your Gears on an NYC Bike Rental

To make the biggest shifts, use your front gears, which are located near your right pedals. If you need to get into a slightly different gear to make your pedaling easier or to increase your pace, use the back gears. These are located near the rear wheels. The gears can be controlled by the shifting mechanisms that are located on the left-hand side of your hand.

Plan Ahead Before Shifting

Make sure you know in advance how the terrain will be before you get on it. This is so you know what gears to switch to before you get there. Waiting too long before shifting gears can cause you to lose the proper momentum. It is best to refresh your memory about your bike’s gears by hitting a large open road and practicing shifting your gears.


In order to brake properly, you have to use both breaks at the same time, especially if you need to stop abruptly. By slowly adding pressure to your brakes until you arrive at the speed that you want, you will be able to brake in complete safety.

Look Carefully Before Turning

If you are going to make a turn on an NYC bike rental, make sure to look through the turn. This is so that your bicycle goes where you need it to go. Make sure to slow down before going into the turn so you can make your turn sharp instead of getting in the middle of the road.

Downhill Tips

If you are about to go downhill, make sure to position yourself properly by setting your weight over your saddle. Another tool to keep in mind is to look ahead of you rather than in right in front of you. This will allow you to control your speed.