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Use anytime within 6 months

Should I Buy a Bike or Use a Central Park Bike Rental?

If you are traveling to New York City and are planning on using a Central Park bike rental but are wondering whether it would be more advantageous to just buy a bike, consider the following options.

The Price for a Central Park Bike Rental

The average price of a new bike is approximately a $100. And that’s if you opt for the cheapest option. Of course, you can always find second-hand bicycles for cheaper, but you might waste a lot of valuable time looking for the perfect bike for you or your children. It is important to consider the price when buying a bicycle, especially if you are going to buy more than one. If you use a Central Park bike rental, you won’t pay more than $25 per day. The price of a Central Park bike rental can vary, but it’s usually not too expensive. Your best option would be to just take advantage of a 24-hour bike rental if you’re planning on using your bike the entire day. For the days where you know you won’t spend too much time on your bike, opt for a two- or four-hour bike rental.

The Trip

Consider that when you buy a brand-new bike during your vacation in New York City, you will have to carry that bike with you during the entirety of your trip and when you go home. If you are traveling by plane, this might not be your best option. Furthermore, if you are driving by car, you will have to make sure that your car has enough space to fit a bike. If you buy more than one bike, this might get problematic for your return trip. If you return home by train, you will also have to make sure that there is enough room in the train to bring one or multiple bicycles. Therefore, it is probably more advantageous to just get a Central Park bike rental and return it when you are done.